Rima Laibow

Rima Laibow is a doctor and health freedom activist.

She is married to Major General Albert Subblebine. Ref

She has been outspoken on many issues. She has been vocal on the GM issue and has said that GM ‘bio-active textiles’ could be the cause of Morgellons disease. Ref

She has mentioned the possibility of an agenda to make an entire class of autistic people that would be suited to certain types of work. Ref

Recent activity
Laibow made the news in 2014 regarding Ebola and the use of Nano Silver for treating the disease. She had contacted African presidents to try and get them to use Nano Silver to treat Ebola. Ref
It was reported in The Times of India that she was going to address the All India Peoples Medical, Health Science Convention at Mangaluru in February 2015. Ref

  • All India Peoples Medical and Health Science Convention February 2015 Ref


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