Flower Essences

‘Flower Essences’ has become a generic term to include any vibrational essence. These include Gem and Mineral Essences, Animal Essences, Sound and music Essences, Environmental Essences, Colour Essences, Angel and Divinity Essences and many others.

Since long before conventional medicine was developed, flowers have given us cause for wonder and been used for healing. In the early 16th century, for example, Paracelsus collected dew from plants and flowers at dawn to give to his patients.

Our modern understanding and use of Flower Essences (or Flower Remedies) began with Dr Edward Bach in the early part of the 20th century. He was a successful Harley Street Doctor and Homeopath who felt his patients needed something more subtle to heal the emotional issues that underlay their symptoms. He identified 37 flowers and 1 other natural product (Rock Water) that he found had profound emotionally healing effects for his patients.

Since the latter part of the 20th century there has been a blossoming of this healing modality with many ranges now being made and used all over the world.

Theory and philosophy
Essences are energy medicine and like other forms of energy medicine they support our healing by helping us resolve emotional, mental and etheric patterns held in our energy fields. These are the scars developed from negative experiences and traumas over the courses of our lives. Some of these historic patterns may be with us all the time, creating underlying feelings from day to day; anxiety, suspicion, fear, sadness, shyness, anger etc, other patterns may get triggered in particular situations.
When a pattern is active we might experience emotional disturbance, or mental stress or habitual physical tensions. As well as being unhelpful in life, this can get in the way of our body’s own healing process and lead to all sorts of physical symptoms.

When we are in the presence of a flower (or other natural energy signature), and are willing to allow it, our system is informed by it’s energy and we can assimilate the particular information that our system needs for it’s healing.

You may know from experience how healing it feels just being in a garden full of flowers, or in a pristine natural environment. Why do we give flowers to people recovering from illness or suffering bereavement?

Essences are the result of transferring the healing patterns of energy from natural realms into a liquid medium. This is accomplished by placing healthy flowers (or gems etc), at the peak of their perfection into a crystal bowl of spring water. Once the intention is created, it is then left to potentise in the sun. The resulting infusion is preserved (usually in alcohol or brine) and now carries the healing vibration from the flower.

When we take a Flower Essence, just like when we hold a flower, that flower’s energetic pattern informs our own energy system. It’s through this exchange of vibrational information that healing can occur. Individual flowers and their essences have characteristics which, when we match them to our own mental and emotional state, can have a profound healing effect.


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