Deane Alban


Deane Alban is co-founder of and author of Brain Gold: Brain Fitness Guide for Boomers and 21 Days to a Brighter Brain.

Deane holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from University of South Florida, where she also studied journalism. She has taught and written on a wide variety of natural health topics for over 20 years, including teaching healthy cooking classes.

As a baby boomer, Deane has turned her passion for healthy living to focus on a major problem people everywhere are facing – issues with mental decline right now and worries about Alzheimer’s disease and dementia in the future.

Deane brings the science down to earth in an entertaining and engaging way, giving her readers practical, easy-to-follow advice to keep their minds sharp for life.

Deane lives near Tucson, Arizona with her husband and business partner, Patrick, a retired chiropractor. She loves living in the desert where plenty of sunshine and outdoor activities help keep her mind young!

Deane is a frequent contributor to many popular natural health and motivational sites.

You can find her articles here:

Natural News
Pick the Brain
Wake Up World
Waking Times
Addicted 2 Success


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