Chef Belive

Brian James Lucas (Chef Be*Live) is one of the pioneers of the 90′s gourmet raw food movement.


From 1998 to 1999, Brian was Executive Chef and co-owner of Organica: the Living Cuisine, located in San Francisco, CA. Organica, featured in Vogue and several other publications, was unique being that it was one of the first gourmet raw living restaurants in the world. It was Raw, Vegan and Organic (Wild or Biodynamic). The restaurant was definitely ahead of its time, as you will find characteristic of Brian.

In 2010, Chef Be*Live placed #1 as Favorite Gourmet Raw Chef in the first international raw food contest, The Best of Raw, and in 2013 he was the first Chef in the world to be inducted into the Best of Raw’s “Rawll of Fame.” In 2011 he was featured in “The Raw Truth,” one of the first documentary films about the raw food movement, which airs on The Documentary Channel. Supermodel Carol Alt featured his recipe in one of the first raw books, The Raw 50, and he was showcased internationally alongside Carmen Electra and Mark Hamill in “Til West Coast,” a Danish television lifestyle comedy program.

Recently, Chef Be*Live co-authored Going Going Gone Raw, a comprehensive guide to transitioning to raw foods, and has taught classes and demonstrations for Whole Foods Markets and other live/broadcast events such as Raw Vegan Radio and the annual Raw Living Expo.

Brian considers himself a “transitional” gourmet raw chef, specializing in creating raw living cuisine that tastes superb thereby helping make people’s first experience with raw, living foods equal to many of their cooked favorites. Believing that most individuals need a good tasting experience to transition into eating more fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, he has encouraged a multitude of people to discover a healthier diet through flavorful raw living plant based cuisine.

Chef Be*Live has a style that is absolutely his own and which has gained him praise amongst his peers and an increasingly large fan base. He has delighted many celebrities and influential figures with his gourmet raw cuisine including Woody Harrelson, Andy Dick, Keenan Ivory Wayans, Damien and Daniel Marley, Zach Galifianakis, Nick Nolte, Jeremy Piven, Tobey Maguire, Jake Gyllenhaall , Mike D, Anna and Aileen Getty, Angela Bassett, Daniele Watts, Regina Hall, Peter Nygard, John Salley, Barry Zito, Vassiliy Jirov, Kathy Freston, and Michael Beckwith … to name a few.

Chef Be*Live has been called “the original RawkStar,” and is truly RawkStar in every sense of the term. He always guarantees to give an Orgasm of the Taste Buds that will RAWK your world with all of his culinary delights.

Catch more of Be*Live on his popular YouTube Channel “ChefBeLiveLight” and on several upcoming television shows to be announced!

– To learn more visit his website


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